Basic Level

This class provides you with everything you need to carry out an IET session on yourself or others. There are no previous requirements needed to take this class

The Basic level of training is for: 

those who want to use energy therapy to improve their lives

anyone wanting to begin an energy therapy practice

holistic therapists wanting to add to the therapies they already offer

Receive a special energy Attunement which will empower you to clear physical and emotional blocks from the cellular memory

Learn how to access the energy of Angels using a Heartlink, carry out a Five Minute Empowerment Process, as well as give & receive a Basic Level IET session 

Basic Class Fee: £150 


Intermediate Level

Build on all the knowledge and techniques learned in the Basic Level class

Receive a special Attunement which will empower you to remove energy imprints from the human energy field

Clear physical, emotional, mental and karmic energy blockages and imprints

Feel and interpret energy blockages and identify whether they are physical, emotional, mental or karmic

Discover how to accelerate the clearing process

Intermediate Class Fee: £155

Advanced Level

This training focuses on your Soul's Mission -living the life of your dreams.

Receive a special Attunement that will deepen your connection with your 8th chakra - the Soulstar, where the complete plan for your soul's purpose is stored.  

Experience a Soulstar Clearing, activate the energy of the soul's mission 

Learn how to use the Heartwave to amplify the Advanced Level IET energy within the body and the human energy field

Practice the Heartnet which supports you in manifesting the vision you have for your ideal life and the Respectfully Demanding Technique to turn a "no" into a "yes"

Discover how energy blockages can prevent you living your mission  Practice Muscle Tension & Relaxation Techniques to release these blockages and accelerate your journey in living your soul's mission

Supporting the Earth:  Create  a Heartbeam which will remain as a permanent anchor of angelic energy into the Earth.  Heartbeams offer nurturing to the Earth and also to anyone or anything that passes through them.  They can be used to support areas of the Earth that have suffered from human or natural devastation.  

Advanced Class Fee £155

Only IET Master-Instructors are authorised to teach these classes

A fully illustrated guide and a certificate are provided with each class

Classes are from 9.30 am - 6 pm

£50 deposit to book your place on each training