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Never before have we needed the support of, and connection to our Angels, as much as we do at this time. 

These classes support you as you release energies, situations and beliefs that have come up for healing at a deeper level. 


The Healing Angels of the Energy Field – Online course  -  for anyone who loves Angels!

The Healing Angels Class is a beautiful introduction to Angels and how to call on them for help and support in a safe yet powerful way and is also ideal for IET® students who want to learn how to call upon the individual Angels and add an extra special spiritual dimension to their sessions.

Time:          7.30pm                         Dates: To Be Confirmed

Cost: £111    

This is a beautiful opportunity to discover the nine special Angels of healing; Ariel, Raphael, Gabriel, Celestina, Faith, Cassiel, Daniel, Sarah, and Michael and the special healing gift that each Angel brings to us as we learn how to invite in and open to receive their loving and supportive energy.

Each week, I lead you through a powerful process to connect energetically with the Healing Angels. We use a special prayer of invitation to call upon each individual Angel that enables you to connect with the Angels and develop your personal relationship with each of them. Each of the Angels brings their own unique gift to us and the world.

Experience an energetic clearing as we release any fears and negativity, helping us connect with our own inner Divine Guidance creating a space of love and inner peace.

The process we use is something you can take away to repeat over as often as you wish, after the class has ended, strengthening your connection with the Angels.

A workbook will be provided for this class and will be either emailed or posted to you after receipt of payment.

You will receive a Healing Angels certificate on class completion.

If you have any further questions contact me at:

IET® Steps to Transformation

7-Week Online Class Via Zoom
Dates: To be confirmed
Class Length: 1½ to 2 hours per Step process
Cost: £210 

Prerequisites: There are no pre requirements for this class

This class is online via Zoom and can be accessed from a computer, tablet or phone.  Video access is recommended. The Zoom call link will be sent to you prior to each class. A workbook will be provided for this class and will be emailed to you after receipt of payment. You will receive a Steps to Transformation certificate on class completion.

The IET® Steps to Transformation help heal trauma without having to relive the associated drama or pain. In these online classes, we will learn how to use ancient sacred geometry, combined with Divine energy techniques channeled from Angel Ariel to activate energetic expansion, healing and transformation. You will learn hand mudras that will let you instantly re-activate the steps anytime. We recommend you take the steps in sequence.

Week 1: Step 1 Heartlink with Your Angels
Week 2: Step 2 12-Strand DNA Activation
Week 3: Step 3 Clearing Karma
Week 4: Step 4 Forgiveness Process
Week 5: Step 5 Empowered Heart/Essential Action
Week 6: Step 6 Future Life Progression
Week 7: Step 7 Freedom Process

If you have any queries, please get in touch

IET® Higher Steps to Transformation

7-Week Online Class Via Zoom
Dates:  To be confirmed
Class Length: 1½ to 2 hours per Step process

Cost £210 

**This class can be accessed from a computer, laptop, tablet or phone. Video access is recommended. 

A workbook for this class will be emailed to you after receipt of payment. You will receive a Higher Steps to Transformation certificate on class completion.

In this weekly class we will use special energy techniques along with ancient sacred geometry to activate and promote spiritual healing, energetic expansion and personal transformation in our physical, emotional, mental and karmic bodies. Each class will be a new spiritual experience as we combine these Divine energy processes, and learn special hand mudras that you can use to instantly re-activate the steps anytime.

Week 1: Step 8 Grid Healing
Week 2: Step 9 Pure Joy
Week 3: Step 10 Compassion
Week 4: Step 11 Homecoming
Week 5: Step 12 Unity in Action
Week 6: Step 13 Ascension Process
Week 7: Step 14 Being Love, Living Love

Please get in touch if you have any queries